Thursday, January 27, 2011

Live the life you love...

i have been busy re-building our bands website
over the last few weeks.
you can see what i've done here.

and although i am very proud of the new website, 
this is what i really wanted to share...
my first video!

it documents our bands last tour in sept/october.
we went from Boston to Philly 
and many, many places in between.
All of the photography is mine,
and our dear friend Sam shot most the footage.

it's 10 minutes long, so grab a cup of tea
or coffee, 
sit back,
turn up the volume
and enjoy!


ps:  blogger still wont let me log in to make comments, 
but it will let me post new blog posts. weird. 
and i have NO idea how to fix it. 
any help out there would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, January 17, 2011

a week in pictures...

a quick note:
blogger is being weird and not letting me leave comments on my blog or any other.
when i try to sign in under a comment form, 
it kicks me out. so, i apologize for not responding, it's not on purpose.

this week is best appreciated in pictures.

we had a huge snow storm... i fed the birds on the porch.

out the kitchen window

breakfast was awesome... coffee was fully cooperating.

breakfast at our favorite place once we could get out the door from the snow...

pineapple, green apples, blackberries, and banana's with mint and honey. wow.

banana french toast with creme fresh and blackberries

The Band was in the recording studio this week.
we aimed for 6 songs, thinking if we got more done it was a bonus
and we ended up with 7 usable songs.
the amount of work and patience and waiting and listening
that goes into a few 5 minute songs is amazingly
we all pulled together,
dug in,
and made it happen.

setting up takes forever...

aren't they beautiful?

this thing puts out so much bass, it should be illegal.

our kick ass drummers kick drum

magic happens here..

our videographer and blogger taking notes during the session

it's been a busy week full of music and 
tacos and 
berries and 
snow angels.

i am blessed.
now off to update Etsy with 3 more pieces.

 hope everyone had a wonderful week as well.
make sure you tell those who love you
how much you love them.
it's the little things
that mean the most
but are too often overlooked.


Monday, January 10, 2011

today was a palindrome...



get ready for a whole slew of new stuff
to be posted in the Etsy Shop all thru the week...
sneak peaks below:

Tough Mama
::: Spiderweb Turquoise & Sterling Silver Ring :::

hand stamped ring band reads 'tough mama'


Rolling Stone
::: Rhodochrosite & Sterling Silver Ring :::

hand stamped ring band reads 'just like a rolling stone'

Stella Blue
::: Ammonite Fossil & Sterling Silver Ring :::

hand stamped ring band reads 'in the end there's just a song'

Eyes of the World
::: Apache Jasper & Sterling Silver Ring :::

hand stamped ring band reads 'you are the eyes of the world'

Standing on the Moon
::: Spiderweb Turquoise & Sterling Silver Ring :::

hand stamped ring band reads 'i got no cobwebs on my shoe'

Wharf Rat
::: Ammonite Fossil & Sterling Silver Ring :::
hand stamped ring band reads 'i'll get up and fly away'


Tough Mama
::: Crazy Lace Agate & Sterling Silver Necklace :::

hand stamped design on back reads 'tough mama'

look for these to be added into the Etsy Shop all week!

hope yours was a good one...
mine was filled with music and celebrations,
and new computers!
and the return of the beavers.
oh yes.
they are back.

that story will have to wait.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


today could be a bummer...
my computer is down again.
the screen is completely happy displaying rainbow streaks
after being dropped on it's head outside.
and so i am on a borrowed computer to let you know that i haven't forgotten about you.

so there will be no pretty pictures
and there will be no quips or commentary
but there will be a silver lining.

i get a new computer out of the whole deal!
and i get my old one back!!
til then...


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