Friday, December 17, 2010

expect the UnExpected...

because if you don't always keep yourself on your toes,
then things will sneak up 
and pull your pants down when you're not looking.

these, literally, just appeared in the woods near my house the other day.
and after a few days of head scratching,
then laughing,
then being creeped out,
they were gone. 
expect the unExpected.

The Band had a big gig this weekend at one of our favorite places to play,
The Barn.
We invited 3 other bands to come share the night with us
and it was a great party!
However, my camera got left in a rental car trunk
and i have been struggling without it.
It's amazing how many shots i realize i take in the day, 
and when i can't take any of them and find myself
muttering and cursing and pacing like the 
crazy old lady down at the pier in Atlantic City.
So that means that the Etsy update for this week is going to be put off...
My camera phone just doesn't cut it!

So i buckled down in the studio for the last big push before Christmas,
and wouldn't you know it, epic fail there as well.
Most jewelers use what is called a Flexshaft.
It is a drill that is powered by a foot pedal
::: eerily like the one the dentist uses:::
and it is the most prized  and most often used tool in my studio.
And the foot pedal went out on me two days ago.

So, I am at a bit of a standstill until the UPS man arrives today,
with my camera and my new foot pedal,
and hopefully doesn't catch me with my pants down.
Expect the UnExpected, right?

so in the mean time, 
here is a sneak peek at some of the new pieces about to be finished.
the ring bands aren't on yet,
the stars aren't even cut out,
they've just been barely cleaned up,
and the stones are just laying in their new beds,
but i had to do something with them while i wait....

three new ammonite rings... part of the 'Tough Mama' collection

two new necklaces, one free-form crazy lace agate, and one new paisley

tiny accent stones

two new turquoise rings

this is apache jasper and i haven't decided yet if it's going to be a ring or a necklace...

i love the holidays.
the hustle and bustle.
the extra bits of niceness that strangers show each other.
the chill in the air that makes my legs move faster.
the secret of the surprise.
the hot cocoa and the stinky indoor trees.
the glistening white lights and crinkly paper...

being with the ones we love.

i hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far...
and if not, then take a deep breath, 
don't take yourself or this day too seriously,
and remember that it's all about the love,
not the dollars.

i love you and your faces!!
cheers, xo


edit:  i just had to share in my excitement that at 10am, the UPS guy
just dropped off both boxes of supplies from my wholesaler!! i ordered 
yesterday at 4pm and they are in california; this morning at 10 am i 
get my boxes?? amazing. i am a happy girl... flexshaft, look out! you got 
a new foot pedal!!

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