Sunday, November 14, 2010

moments of pause

they are hard to come by.
they are cherished gifts.
they are necessary for growth, purpose, calmness.

i have a few days to myself coming soon..
i've been missing my studio this week.
it's been a busy life/music month so sometimes 
the metal studio gets the raw end of the time-deal.

but at least i always have my camera with me...
here are some shots from this week
of rare times i get to stop and take pictures
instead of the standard sam-way.
moments of pause:

he was so captivating and shy, and his eyes danced


birthday cake disasters.
a family of beavers...
moving into my pond for the winter.

that was my week.
i also decided that i'm not really fond of any of the fonts they let me use on this here blog.
i might move.
i hear the grass might actually be greener
over there.
maybe we'll move.
i'll let you know.
and we'll talk about the Beaver Family next time.
Oh my.
I've counted 5 so far.

have a lovely week.


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