Thursday, November 25, 2010

something i made for the band...

i love making art of all kinds
and lately i've been really diving into photoshop
and figuring out more than the basics.

a bit out of necessity, 
a lot out of desire
a little pinch of a challenge to keep me on my toes.

i just made this tonight...
it was a lot of fun
to mess around with textures and shades
without a camera in my hand.

there's even a peacock in there.

have a great thanksgiving!
please remember to be safe out there
and don't take the holidays to seriously.
just the love.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

moments of pause

they are hard to come by.
they are cherished gifts.
they are necessary for growth, purpose, calmness.

i have a few days to myself coming soon..
i've been missing my studio this week.
it's been a busy life/music month so sometimes 
the metal studio gets the raw end of the time-deal.

but at least i always have my camera with me...
here are some shots from this week
of rare times i get to stop and take pictures
instead of the standard sam-way.
moments of pause:

he was so captivating and shy, and his eyes danced


birthday cake disasters.
a family of beavers...
moving into my pond for the winter.

that was my week.
i also decided that i'm not really fond of any of the fonts they let me use on this here blog.
i might move.
i hear the grass might actually be greener
over there.
maybe we'll move.
i'll let you know.
and we'll talk about the Beaver Family next time.
Oh my.
I've counted 5 so far.

have a lovely week.


Friday, November 5, 2010

oh the places we will go....

i have been to the moon and back in the last week
since we've been home from tour.

or at least it feels like it.
i have managed to get a lot done:

a wonderful dinner with the Red Cat at our favorite italian restaurant up north

 my good friend michelle has had the same best friend since the first grade, Kim.
a few years ago Kim found out that she had ovarian cancer.
this year, out of the blue, Kim's insurance company canceled her policy.

:::insert expletives here::::

so Michelle organized a fund raiser and i made a few pieces to donate to the event.
and i also made Kim her own ring.

carved jade earrings with cinnamon jasper

Kim's ring... chalcedony with oxidized sterling detail. hand stamped with 'rise above' inside the ring band.

chalcedony and sterling hand stamped earrings

hand blown glass and sterling ring with oxidized detail. 'believe' hand stamped on ring band.

 all of the pieces i donated, auctioned for way more than their retail value and
the event raised $7000 for Kim.
EDIT ::: actually, i've been corrected, it raised $14,000:::

i'm so proud to be a part of something so communal that feels so right.
health care is an amazingly bizarre system to me.
people like me, an artist and musician, are forced to pay
an obscene amount for coverage,
and most people that have coverage,
can't use it for what they really need it for.
it's really a shame.

on another note...
remember that awesome book i found last month?
well i made a piece drawing from that inspiration
and the sketches i had started before the book.
i love this new piece and, yes, i am definitely keeping it.
however, there will be many more to come in this new style.
it's a bit of salt, and a bit of pepper, 
and a dash of paprika and ooo la la.

three tube set jewels... peridot, orange sapphire, and yellow sapphire.

the top is a rivet set smokey quartz, and the chain wraps around the top rivet.

it's a bit paisley, a bit mandala, a bit of autumn ooo la la.

one of my favorite bands is Phish.
for many reasons, one of the foremost being that they make me dance like
no other band does.
and i love to dance!
so this last week they were in the northeast and we got to go see a few shows.
on halloween they traditionally play 3 sets of music.
the middle set is a musical costume of an epic album.
the first year they did The Beatles White Album.
the next years saw Quadrophenia by The Who, Velvet Underground's Loaded,
Talking Heads' Remain in Light, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon,
and last year was Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street.

 This year they played three night's in Atlantic City with Halloween falling on night three.
and the musical costume this year was
Little Feat's Waiting for Colombus
which was actually a live compilation album from 1978.
oh what a weekend!

i usually don't take too many pictures before, during or after a concert.
i hate to even carry a bag with me, so a camera never makes it either.
but i do have a decent camera on my iPhone so i snapped a shot inside.

it's been a good couple of weeks! 
we have a gig tonight in woodstock and band practice next week,
so hopefully i can get into the studio this weekend.
i hope all of you had a terrific week as well
and an even better weekend.
get out there and run like an antelope...
out of control!


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