Thursday, October 21, 2010

i am truly blessed in this lifetime.

i have two very, very, did i say very?
different parents.
they are as different as any two people can be,
yet, they came together to make me.
my father swears that is the only reason the universe put them together.
and in that union of DNA i was blessed with a very active right brain,
and an equally as active left brain.

i am blessed with a creative and curious nature
and as equally blessed with the ability to understand logic and calculus.
i am verbal and visual.
i love math and art, science and dreams.
my mantra word has always been balance.
i never held myself to being good at just one thing...
why settle for one?

and in this craziness that is me, i have been blessed with the ability to craft
and to entertain.
and my band just got back from tour.
and it was fantastic.
we have been out on the road, three times now,
with Melvin Seals & The Jerry Garcia Band.
yes, Jerry is still gone, but the bands he started are still rockin' out
and entertaining huge crowds.
Phil Lesh and Bob Weir have Furthur
and Melvin Seals has JGB.
My band did our first tour with them back in december of last year
and on monday we wrapped up our third tour with them.
truly thankful.
forever grateful.

in the studio during our last night of rehearsals..

my friend, melvin seals

our grateful fans

first stop was boston...

couldn't do it without the crew!

testing the lights after sound check

somewhere in massachusetts...

the inscription on this grave stone was amazing... took some great band shots there (click to make bigger)

woodstock, ny

still taking coffee pictures... that book of mine is coming really soon!

small town, upstate new york has so much loveliness....

view from hotel room in teaneck, near NYC

on the bridge to philly

we played 2 nights in this amazing unitarian curch in philly... this was inside my 'dressing room'

full from cheesesteaks!

south street pier in philly

yes. yes, it really does say that.

mexicali live in NJ. thanks to Vernon Webb from Relix magazine for the great photos.

great time of year to be on the road...

especially when they let me pull over to take pictures!
philly has some of the most amazing mural art all around the city.

view from the stage during sound check at the unitarian curch in philly. this place was magnificent!

photo credit: Vernon Webb, Relix Magazine.
near saranac lake, ny

wow... i don't even remeber what city this was!

wonderful spot we had dinner and then breakfast in.

i love old tin tile ceilings. i want one. a whole ceiling that is!

i am glad to be home though.
tired and worn out, my voice a bit hoarse, and my locks a bit tattered.
but i wouldn't trade it for anything.

and now i go from the big energy of the crowds and traveling life
to the solidarity of my studio
and the comfort of my home.
and just like that,
i have my balance.
truly blessed.
forever grateful.
always growing.

i would love to hear how your october has been...


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