Thursday, September 2, 2010

new rings...

today has been a good productive day in the studio...

and i have three new rings to preview 
before they go in The Shop tomorrow:

   :: Hell In A Bucket  :: 
Dragon Skin Turquoise & Sterling Silver Ring
fits size 7-8

i really love the way this feels when it's on
my finger.
it feels strong and secure
and safe and proud.
i might have to keep this one.....

:: Tough Mama ::
Ammonite Fossil & Sterling Silver
fits size 7-8

i pulled out my drawer of ammonite this week.
i have a love affair with this fossil...
yes, i did say drawer.

:: Poppy ::
Faceted Red Ruby & Sterling Silver Ring
fits size 7

another ring in the Lily Pad Series...
this one came out more square.
it sits so nicely on the finger.




  1. The tough mama has the essence of a stealy from a distance..

  2. ooo.. nice! i didn't even plan that. xo

  3. I love your work, and beautiful blog. Thank you for the pickle advise, I'll give it a try and believe it of not I still have a few of last years lemons on my tree.

    xo, Rochelle


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