Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i live in the best place on the planet...

what a week it's been in the world of the interwebs!
it amazes me that these lines of communication,
shared by millions,
sometimes cross my path
and stumble hard enough to stop and take notice.

it's nice. 
no, it's superb.
or how about, rewarding.

{my catci are in bloom!}

i live in a magical place called The Hudson Valley.
It is considered upstate New York
{which is actually in the southern part of NY but they still call it upstate.. weird}
and houses Woodstock, Kingston, New Paltz, 
and plenty of small towns filled with treasures
and musicians and artist
and dreamers and thinkers and do-ers.

and one such Do-er/Artist found my presence online and thought enough of me
to highlight me on her Blog.
Her name is Liz and we just found out this year that we have tons of friends in common
but managed to never meet until last summer.
She has a wonderful spirit and enough sass to warrant a friendship from me!

She is a photographer and a lover of the Hudson Valley,
and now a lover of my Jewelry.
Check out her Blog for cool photos and insight on being an artist in the Hudson Valley.
thanks Liz!


i had quite a productive day yesterday.

i turned 3 pairs of old jeans into skirts.
i love jean skirts, but all the ones i see are Hoochy-short or Grandma-long.
and i have more jeans that sit in my closet than i actually wear,
so i up-cycled 3 of them into skirts last night.
and i LOVE them!!
they came out great and they were super quick and easy to make.

this one has slits on the sides and a scoop in the bottom of the backside.
:::click the picture for a bigger view:::

 i really like the a-frame of this one, and it's not too long

and this is the shortest one, with a scoop in the bottom of the back too.
  {if anyone wants a tutorial let me know, i'd be happy to post one}


i also rearranged my studio space last month to make it more efficient
and to take out all the plastic storage and replace it with wooden
crates and boxes, all found at flea markets or antique stores.
{both of which are aplenty in the Hudson Valley}

but while working in my new space this month i realized that my design/work space desk
was getting cluttered real fast and the actual 'work space' was 
diminishing quickly.
no good.
so i went to my local hardware store and made a quick fix with out having to buy a new table.
 and I LOVE IT!
why didn't i think of this sooner?
one piece of plywood that they cut down for me (brilliant)
into a new, bigger table top, and the leftover wood cut for shelves,
and a few pieces of metal piping and i have a new work space for really cheap!
the desk top was 4' x 2', so i had them cut me a 6' x 3' top out of nice thick plywood
and then just screwed it on to the existing top.

then i found these cool metal plumbing pipes that come in many lengths with threads on both ends.
and they screw into metal disks with four screw holes in them.

i just screwed them onto the shelf, and then into the new top
and viola! new shelf that is super super sturdy!
now i have room for all the tools that are involved with metalsmithing
that i need to be able to pick up easily, and quickly without going into drawers
or cabinets. 
i'm a very visual person... i need to see my stuff.
my whole studio is set up in a W. 
that creates 2 nooks where i have work space on three sides of me,
this is one nook of the W.
soldering station, fabrication area, design/workspace.
and a spinny-chair on wheels to get around!
 it makes a difference in my creative flow to be able to move from place to place quickly
without getting up.
then the other side (on the right that you can't see)
is the nook that has my beading table and stone storage,
and extra storage for stuff i don't need all the time.

My green beading table was made in the 1800's as a farm table
and is so rich with history.
it has a leaf that pulls up to make the work space 
much bigger when you need it!

i really love my studio!
it has been a work in progress over the years of figuring out 
what works best for me and what my needs are 
as a metalsmith, self-taught.
do you have a cool idea to better utilize your work space?
i'd love to hear about it...

i have noticed over the years that there are many ways of beating metal
to get to the same ring.
that everyone has a personal process, and 
a tried and true way of getting there.
and sometimes we change our ways to better suit our moods.
or to flatter something we've seen and like.
some of us look for help on every turn,
others try and try until they figure it out.
some do it for the passion,
others for the paycheck,
but as long as we love it, we can't knock it, right?
life, meet art.
art, meet life.
you two should get along fabulously.

much love to all of you...
there is still time to make a new rivet piece today.
pictures of new work coming soon!

{love that hound!}


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