Tuesday, August 3, 2010

you win some you lose some.

this has been a week of gaining and losing.
it's been the theme in loud bold letters shouting for me to pay attention
to the universal balance playing itself out before me.
a bit for amusement...
a bit for satire.
and a lot for learning.

simple things like, i left my wallet in the shopping cart at the groccery store
with lots of cash, ID, credit card, fresh receipts, and 5 minutes later
it was long gone...
but the next day i picked up my mac and they had fixed the sound for free
and many aesthetic things that i didn't even ask them too, for free...
but then there were some big things too. 
and if we were having a beer and a smoke i would share them with you,
but in this forum, i will just leave it at this:
you win some you lose some.
the universe has a plan, 
and a sense of humor.
and as long as i don't lose mine... 
the sky will not fall 
and neither will i.


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