Thursday, August 26, 2010

round here...

I can feel the last of summer sweeping up and closing down shop.
the wind is brisker, and the birds a little more hurried.
the leaves are proving their strength in numbers
but will soon give way to the
circle of life
and death.
this has been a year of 
beginnings and endings.
starts and stops.
first breaths and final bows.
but everything is cyclical in it's own right,
even our most predictable selves.
and with nature as our role model, it's hard not to see it
in everything we do.

i live in such a beautiful neighborhood... rich with history and
lush with beauty,
cool old barns and a big green swamp.
alive with frogs, and birds
and the 2 blue herons that love my pond
in the early morning before the dogs go out.

there are always people doing things.

and back home is not too shabby either.
the frogs are making their final pleas at the summer sun
and the mosquitoes are finding it harder to last into the evening.
i even smelled a fire warming a neighbors home.
it's still green in my yard, 
and the flowers are full and lush
but i know it won't be long now.

i endure in order to equalize
transcending opportunity
i seal the fate on the store of death.
with the cosmic tone of presence
i am guided by the power of the heart.

i like change though.
i often force it if necessary...
rearrange the furniture.
buy a new dress.
or a new car.
which i did.
i put this one in the garage....

and bought this one..

it rides nice and is much roomier for The Band and The Dogs.
and The Red Cat too.

we had a much needed "nice day" before our long week with The Band.
we had breakfast at this amazing new place outside of town.
very rich and savory breakfast,
you have to go with a big appetite.

french toast with strawberrys and cream for me,

french toast with caramelized bananas and thick cut bacon for him,

and beautiful fresh cut flowers,

then grabbed the dogs and went to my favorite hiking spot in the Gunks,
it starts in a meadow with pussywillows and wildflowers
and then down a steep rock face
 with an amazing swimming hole
at the end.

the dogs love to swim there and if the water was deeper we would have too.
it was shocking to see how low the water level was.
there are usually rushing waterfalls to swim under.

after our hike we wandered thru town
in and out of the cool shops and many bookstores.

and the BEST part of the day was this amazing book i found.

i find inspiration in all sorts of places
and sometimes ideas linger around until they find the right way to be created.
well, i had the mother load of inspiration in this bookstore.
i have been really intrigued by Mandalas for as long as i can remember
and i have always had an affinity for octopus, and jellyfish, and ammonites.
i use them in my jewelry designs all the time.
but this book i found was the rug in The Big Lebowski of my design work;
it just tied it all together.

this post is long enough, so you will just have to wait until later to hear all about it.
i'm very excited, and if you like my jewelry,
you should be too!

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