Thursday, August 5, 2010

by the waterside i will lay my head...

what a wonderful weekend we had!
on Friday The Red Cat and I went into to city and saw a great show!

Oh Yeah!! 
Levon and his huge band started off the night and had all sorts of folks sit in
thru their set.  Donald Fagen even made an appearance
and of course Wilie came out and did a number with them.

 it's nice to see such legends still rockin it.
sometimes when we are on tour i wonder how i make it at this age
and then i think of these guys, twice my age, working twice as hard.
it's inspirational.
sometimes you just gotta grow a pair and show up.
the rest works itself out.

Our Band was asked to play a private birthday party in Newport, RI on saturday
and even though only 4 of us could make it,
they were thrilled to have us.

and i didn't hurt that it was in a gorgeous mansion right on the beach
with a huge clambake and lobster dinner.

that's the front yard at sunset

and below is the side of the house and the front yard

as you can see, it was breathtaking!
we played three short sets and then stayed and partied it up.

 on the drive home the next day
The Red Cat and i spied a side of the road flea market and had to stop.
we both love old treasures and digging thru boxes to see what you might find.
he usually heads for the records first
and i head for the tools!
camera in hand of course....

i did find a bunch of old hammers that i know i can turn into
texture stamping tools.
well, i have read that i can.
with an old file, some elbow grease, and a design pattern
i can turn a big old $2 hammer into
a custom made design tool that is one of a kind.
so i bought 5 hammers with different size heads to have have some variety.
and i found 2 old riveting hammers.
and i love to rivet.
in fact, this next batch coming out of the studio is going to be rivet pieces.
i haven't made them in a while and i think it's time.

i also found some great old wooden boxes.
my studio is made up of old wooden crates and boxes and drawers
for storage instead of plastic bins.
the more plastic i removed from my studio, the better i felt in there.
it's cheap and easy to go to Target and buy a stack of plastic drawers on wheels
but it just feels...
well, cheap and easy.
it's uninspiring and the hippie in me hates that it's environmental poison,  so for the last year
i have been redecorating my studio to fit my style.
and now the hudson valley has plenty of antique stores that love to see me walk in.

i love being surrounded by all that wood..
it feels alive
and it speaks to you when you walk on it.
it smells of war stories and cupboard hideaways
and whispers secrets and magic.

the older i get the more into nostalgia i am.
the more it feels like traditions are slipping away
the more i want to start some.
i find myself regressing back to a life that i lived but don't remember...
one where i might have been a cabinet maker
or speakeasy piano player.
where i could have roamed the plains living the life of a loner
satisfied with the dirt under my nails
and homemade trap that caught my dinner.

the older i get the more blessed i feel
that i really lived up my 20's.
i traveled so extensively that i could draw a map blindfolded of any state
and it's major and minor
roads and must-see's.
i had romantic notions of starting a road side attraction.
bits of this, and bites of that.
getting a few friends to come with me and starting our own little town.
it thrilled the hippie in me and scared the shit out of my mother
so it worked on all levels.
{ sorry mom }
i still dream of doing that....
maybe i will.

I never know where these roads mights take me
but as long as I'm movin,
ain't nothin' gonna break-a my stride..


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