Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i think now is
as good a time
as any.

there seems to be plenty of times
when we make ourselves wait.
not ready yet...
always a few more things
to get done
before we can..
well, start.

so, let's throw that silly notion out the window!
let's all just start now.
time is concept i have a hard time grasping
so let's just not satisfy the whining about
needing more of it.
no header yet?
no problem.
no little gadgets spun in CS3 yet to tell you my links and likes?
no worries.
i've got plenty of life to look at and
plenty of designs waiting to pour out of me.
so, yes.
now is as good a time as any.

but what about yesterday, you ask?
well, yesterday was splendid, thanks.

Bread Toast ,
{my handsome hound with the face of a ninety year old man,
whose fancy name is Rye Bread Salt Toast, which originates from Riley}

absolutely loved that The Big Cat
was mowing the lawn.
i love that smell...
that, and fresh rain on asphalt.

and when i went back to the front porch i spied this
beautiful work of nature
that absolutely was not there an hour before.
how amazing!!
with the sun just right you can catch the perfection of it.

i always find it funny when people ask me where i draw my inspiration from.
but then i'm immediately sad when i think that maybe they don't
get to see what i see.
or aren't looking.

we had yummy things for pre-dinner too.
{i barely snapped this picture before they were all gone!}

i wish i could have grown tomatoes this year.
those were heirloom tomatoes and oh so yummy
with fresh mozzarella and
fresh basil that i grew right outside our front door
and a balsamic and oil concoction i whipped up
with my favorite spices,
all set atop toasted crustini's. mmmm.
so fresh and so good!!

i was super busy this week in my studio too.
got a lot of re-arranging done.
i'm always trying to find more ways
to make my studio more efficient.
and i'm a fan of cozy nooks,
all over the house, really,
but especially in my creative space.


i love my studio.. it's such a warm space and i have big windows
and i'm up high enough to feel like i'm in a treehouse
when i look out of them.
{i'm obsessed with treehouses... i have a whole notebook of plans for when i finally get to build one!}

i made this ring the other day...
it's named Tulum.
i love it.
::::this is me trying not to keep it::::
it was challenging and fun and
represents a subject very dear to me.
my phoenix roots.
our ancestors.
the concept of walls as things of beauty.

it features a glass marble made by a fellow glass blower
{whose card i will pull out and give you a link to,}
and i set 2 sapphires and a peridot around the 'wall'.

i'll be posting this in the shop next week,
i have an appointment this weekend
at an amazing store that i would love to get my work into!!
and she saw this ring on my finger
{i test run most of my things for an hour or two to make sure that everything does what it's supposed to and nothing rubs weird}
when i was there a few days ago,
and loooved it!!
so i must bring it in with me, yes?

well now, this has been quite a start!
i thought maybe i would just squeak on in to this world,
quietly and with not much to say at first,
leave it to me to come in like a ram.
you are welcome to come here, anytime,
to see what i see...
leave your own words if you care to,
or just silently watch as life unfolds...


1 comment:

  1. we planted tomatoes this year, best boys, heirlooms, beefsteaks, and grape. we have plenty of basil, too.
    so why don't ya bring yer man and yer guitar and we'll make some of those great crustinis.
    i'm sure there's plenty of balsamic and oil and dijon and spices and a little doggy that isn't riley but relly who loves you just the same.
    pops and deb


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