Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i think i had a heart attack yesterday...

so.. the internal and external sound went out on my macBook 
about two months ago and i just couldn't deal anymore,
so i drove the hour and half to the apple store.
{my favorite clothing store is in the same mall, so it wasn't so bad!}

and long story short, they have to send it out and
i won't get it back for A WHOLE WEEK!!!

but good news is, well 2 good newses:
one- the "apple genius" musta thought i was cute or something because
i convinced him that since i was sooo close to my warranty cut-off,
maybe they could fix it for free anyway, and wasn't there some window 
of leeway that i could just slip into.
after all, a year and a half past warranty is close enough right?
ha! and he went for it! sweeet!!
and two- there is a PC at my house so all is not lost.
but the freedom of laptop sure has me spoiled.
i'm not really sure why people buy stationary computers.
although, i probably use mine a lot more than most.
i built and manage 3 websites, i have my etsy shop, and this blog.
just that alone is a lot of computer stuff!
but i will survive.

has anyone else noticed that the clouds look really different lately?
as in, the last couple years or so?
i've really been consumed with taking sky pictures and today was
just absolutely magnificent...

{fyi:  i do not photoshop these pictures. or any of my photos for that matter.
the frames you see are built into the 'film' and the effects are from different colored and shaped 'lenses'.
holga cameras let the light leak in and you can control how much or little
by making custom adjustments to the camera.
i remember as a kid, most of our pictures were taken with holgas.
they had that orange glow to them and the white curved borders.  they scream the 70's.}

this is on springtown rd. which is right on the edge of town.
it takes me the back way to my house and on crazy cloud days
it doesn't disappoint.
today was actually so amazing, that i pulled over every few minutes take most of these shots.

this was right in town, stopped at a red light.
the sun was just about to come out from behind those clouds.

this is close to home too. it's outside of my garden store.
they were closed when i pulled up today, but they had these amazing pond plants
right in front {that i might need to go back and get}
and the sky was just an amazing backdrop.

and then onto black and white.



the other lilypad rings are coming along really nicely.
should have pictures in my next post.

potential is an unyielding beast.


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