Wednesday, July 14, 2010


... i have a lot of them.
most of you who know me probably
know about half of them,
one of my biggest ones is taking pictures while i drive.
now don't get me wrong here,
i'm not talking about pulling over safely to the side
of some nice country road and getting out your tripod
at exactly the time the storm rolls in.
no, no.
the kind i do is
in the driver seat, 72 mph, my window halfway down
with any number of cameras propped up on said window,
waiting to come around a corner of the highway
where the trees get low enough
and the sun is just right and
wave at the guy next to me
who clearly almost just hit me,
and then there it is...
the clouds are just right, the sun is cooperating,
and my blue holga lense was a perfect choice...

that's my Little Man, Ollie.
{his full fancy name is Oliver Charles Bukowski, yes, that's right, Bukowski.
He will drink your whiskey, he will chase some tail, and he will most definitely eat the grossest thing in the room}

he's a really good co-pilot.
he's a mini-me of Bread Toast.
he is the best cuddler that there ever was. period.

i live to multitask.
or rather,
in order to live, i multitask.
either way, i get a lot done.
i am an aries, and that helps too.

today was one of those good multitasking days.
we had a good friend in town last night and he ended up
staying until this afternoon...
so instead of being rude and heading off to my studio today,
i got a bunch of computer work done while we hung out and chatted.
but when he did take off, i managed to get all this done:

7 new pendants in my Cut-Outs Series.
they've been cut, pierced, sanded, and punched..
they just need chains and clasps first thing tomorrow
and they can get into the shop tomorrow evening!

i made a necklace too with a huge Yohaw Opal and a sapphire.
the opal alone is 2" tall and
just about the most gorgeous opal i've ever seen.
this one has flash in every possible shade of blue and the
actual nut is a deep maroon, almost purple.
simply, stunning!
i bought two of these beautiful, hard to come by stones
a long time ago, and sometimes old stash
just starts to call to you...

we went to a music festival up in maine last weekend.
the best thing about it was a few good shots i managed to get in:

and then on the way home we spied this awesome van for sale!!
could make a great band van?

this one wasn't for sale, but it sure is beautiful.
someone put a lot of work into restoring it, or keeping it
in amazing condition.

time to make some tea, bring the dogs down to bed,
and get some sleep.
for tomorrow is another day
filled with all the beauty it can muster.
and i will do my best to soak it all in.


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