Wednesday, July 28, 2010

absence makes me grow impatient...

and out of balance.
i didn't realize that i have a morning and nightly routine until i broke it.
i get my computer work done first thing in the morning,
and last thing at night.
and what gets done where, is up to how i feel at the moment.
so, not having my computer has messed up these routines that i wasn't aware i had.
but i have gotten a lot done.

i have another 'habit' that we should probably discuss
because it will most likely come up more than once.
along with taking pictures while i drive, i take pictures of coffee.
with freshly poured creamer.
and it has it's own section in the book i'm making.
{yes, you can have your very own copy when it's done.}

now, i see all sorts of things in them, but i usually leave the rorshacking to the viewer.
but i can't help it this time...look at that crazy psychedelic mushroom in the middle picture...
wow... beauty everywhere.
so, i decided that i loved photography, especially mine, a long time ago,
and once i new what my style was, i started plans for a book.
originally it was going to be "The Coffee Coffee Table Book"
but i have too many cool 'theme' pictures, that it just kept getting bigger and bigger
and now the book has taken on it's voice.
it's not anywhere near ready to print, but i have little folders saved
with photos organized and sorted into catagorys.
i made art with my photos many years back, and was really successful with it
but the jewelry took over and it got put on the back burner.
if i had my computer here i could show you some of the vintage suitcases i turned into art,
but alas, we won't talk about that for fear of me freaking out.
{it's 2 days longer than they said already. two. whole. days. uggh.}
the flower bed next to the garage is doing really well. 
i have learned the valuable and cheap tool that is mulching.
seriously never got why people did it, until i planted four gardens.
i get it now. 
{enough said. i refuse to give mulching too much text space on here.}
but when i was  pruning the bushes in a different flower bed, i spied this HUGE guy:
ok now, that is just taken with my phone camera because i was afraid he would take off
if i left to go get my real camera.
but, not only did he not care when i crawled under the bush and 
held my phone as close to him as i could get,
but he stayed there for the hour that i was working in that bed. 
just kept turning his body to keep his eye on me.
he was biiiiig too. like, the size of  ET or something.

been a busy life week and a slow studio week,
but i can't wait to get to work on some rivet pieces.
it's been a while and i'm ready to make a new batch...
also been making-in-my-head-for-now some cool
secret opening rings. like poison rings but cooler.
i have a couple different ideas for hiding all the working parts,
and i'm really excited to get started on them.

and i had tacos for dinner.
hell yeah.


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