Wednesday, July 28, 2010

absence makes me grow impatient...

and out of balance.
i didn't realize that i have a morning and nightly routine until i broke it.
i get my computer work done first thing in the morning,
and last thing at night.
and what gets done where, is up to how i feel at the moment.
so, not having my computer has messed up these routines that i wasn't aware i had.
but i have gotten a lot done.

i have another 'habit' that we should probably discuss
because it will most likely come up more than once.
along with taking pictures while i drive, i take pictures of coffee.
with freshly poured creamer.
and it has it's own section in the book i'm making.
{yes, you can have your very own copy when it's done.}

now, i see all sorts of things in them, but i usually leave the rorshacking to the viewer.
but i can't help it this time...look at that crazy psychedelic mushroom in the middle picture...
wow... beauty everywhere.
so, i decided that i loved photography, especially mine, a long time ago,
and once i new what my style was, i started plans for a book.
originally it was going to be "The Coffee Coffee Table Book"
but i have too many cool 'theme' pictures, that it just kept getting bigger and bigger
and now the book has taken on it's voice.
it's not anywhere near ready to print, but i have little folders saved
with photos organized and sorted into catagorys.
i made art with my photos many years back, and was really successful with it
but the jewelry took over and it got put on the back burner.
if i had my computer here i could show you some of the vintage suitcases i turned into art,
but alas, we won't talk about that for fear of me freaking out.
{it's 2 days longer than they said already. two. whole. days. uggh.}
the flower bed next to the garage is doing really well. 
i have learned the valuable and cheap tool that is mulching.
seriously never got why people did it, until i planted four gardens.
i get it now. 
{enough said. i refuse to give mulching too much text space on here.}
but when i was  pruning the bushes in a different flower bed, i spied this HUGE guy:
ok now, that is just taken with my phone camera because i was afraid he would take off
if i left to go get my real camera.
but, not only did he not care when i crawled under the bush and 
held my phone as close to him as i could get,
but he stayed there for the hour that i was working in that bed. 
just kept turning his body to keep his eye on me.
he was biiiiig too. like, the size of  ET or something.

been a busy life week and a slow studio week,
but i can't wait to get to work on some rivet pieces.
it's been a while and i'm ready to make a new batch...
also been making-in-my-head-for-now some cool
secret opening rings. like poison rings but cooler.
i have a couple different ideas for hiding all the working parts,
and i'm really excited to get started on them.

and i had tacos for dinner.
hell yeah.


Friday, July 23, 2010

who, me?

what a nice surprise!
my awesome cut-out necklace
was featured in an etsy treasury today!!

still don't have my mac.
feel like i'm cheating on him on this clunky PC 
with non-updated fonts
and weird sound coming from the huge hard drive.

did lots of garden work today.
super pooped.
took pictures, but it'll have to wait for the mac.
stupid PC's.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i think i had a heart attack yesterday...

so.. the internal and external sound went out on my macBook 
about two months ago and i just couldn't deal anymore,
so i drove the hour and half to the apple store.
{my favorite clothing store is in the same mall, so it wasn't so bad!}

and long story short, they have to send it out and
i won't get it back for A WHOLE WEEK!!!

but good news is, well 2 good newses:
one- the "apple genius" musta thought i was cute or something because
i convinced him that since i was sooo close to my warranty cut-off,
maybe they could fix it for free anyway, and wasn't there some window 
of leeway that i could just slip into.
after all, a year and a half past warranty is close enough right?
ha! and he went for it! sweeet!!
and two- there is a PC at my house so all is not lost.
but the freedom of laptop sure has me spoiled.
i'm not really sure why people buy stationary computers.
although, i probably use mine a lot more than most.
i built and manage 3 websites, i have my etsy shop, and this blog.
just that alone is a lot of computer stuff!
but i will survive.

has anyone else noticed that the clouds look really different lately?
as in, the last couple years or so?
i've really been consumed with taking sky pictures and today was
just absolutely magnificent...

{fyi:  i do not photoshop these pictures. or any of my photos for that matter.
the frames you see are built into the 'film' and the effects are from different colored and shaped 'lenses'.
holga cameras let the light leak in and you can control how much or little
by making custom adjustments to the camera.
i remember as a kid, most of our pictures were taken with holgas.
they had that orange glow to them and the white curved borders.  they scream the 70's.}

this is on springtown rd. which is right on the edge of town.
it takes me the back way to my house and on crazy cloud days
it doesn't disappoint.
today was actually so amazing, that i pulled over every few minutes take most of these shots.

this was right in town, stopped at a red light.
the sun was just about to come out from behind those clouds.

this is close to home too. it's outside of my garden store.
they were closed when i pulled up today, but they had these amazing pond plants
right in front {that i might need to go back and get}
and the sky was just an amazing backdrop.

and then onto black and white.



the other lilypad rings are coming along really nicely.
should have pictures in my next post.

potential is an unyielding beast.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

this is what i do when....

... i let The Red Cat loose at an outdoor vinyl yard sale
and he shops for almost two hours:
i make art.

i am constantly reminded that there is beauty everywhere.
even in a gravel driveway of an old rundown house
with haggard EZup tents wrapped in cheap plastic
{rain is the death of them, you know}
and tables with boxes and boxes of records
pouring out of the garage and onto the gravel that
marks the driveway
of the biggest record yard sale i've ever seen.

i was met with a glass of lemonade and an Australian accent
and an invitation to grapes and a bathroom if i so needed.
i was content to let The Red Cat peruse the plastic sleeved treasures
while i looked for beauty to capture with my new lenses...

my mantra word is
i seek it whenever i need to feel whole.
i seek it whenever i feel things are amiss.
i wear many hats
and don't feel the need to wear just one of them.
don't feel like being shiny somedays
so i rub a little mud on my face.
be as nice as possible,
but as nasty as necessary.
the more we strive for one side of perfection,
the more we become one-sided.


i was busy last night in the studio!
made three new rings
but upon morning inspection, there are a few things i want to fix
and change a bit on two of them.
so, being that i am driving The Red Cat to the airport at 3:30am,
i am not sure how early i'll get into the studio.
but never fear... 
new listings will still happen tomorrow!
{i say that like there is already a captive, baited audience out there. :) }

i wore one of the rings out to today to feel its fabulousness!
it is formed by an anticlastic raising technique using a hammer to form and shape the metal.
each series of strikes sends the metal against itself and forces it to bend and curve.
there are beautiful smooth, curved pieces formed anticlastic 
by hitting the metal against smooth, curved metal stakes,
but i forgo the stakes and use the hammer and a flat block of steel,
turning the metal to form a 'bowl'.
metal is so cool.

we live on an amazing piece of property 
with a big pond right in the back yard.

{you can see the edge of it on the left of the photo}

it has tons of lily pads, and big frogs, and an island
and two blue herons that frequently visit in the early mornings,
and the dogs love to swim in it.
i know there are fish in there too, because i hear the splash of their 
powerful jumps.
the lily pads have their own rake, 
to thin them out when you feel it necessary,
and i never have, so it just sits in the garage feeling lonely.
the texture that these little aquatic plants exhibit
is amazing. 
and i love to go the waters edge while the dogs splash around
and stare at the lily pads wondering how much
a bullfrog charges for rent these days?

so this new series of rings is in honor of that
bad ass bitch, mother nature,
and all of her cool eye candy.

there are two more in the same vein
{pun intended}
one with an amazing cherry red ruby, and one with a bright lime green peridot.
both faceted for sparkling brilliance against the oxidized silver.
they are all named as usual, and it says so right inside the ring band.
this one is named

a reminder to go for it.
a little push in the direction of greatness.
a show stopping piece that is strong enough
for everyday wear, and let's face it, so are you.
who says big is for big occasions?
i say big is for now.
big is for today.
go big or go home!

the love we take
is equal to the love we make.
now that's a mantra.

love, love, love,


{post edit}
due to my shop appointment being pushed til next weekend,
the new etsy shop listings will be happening
later in the week.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

watching things grow...

...makes me really happy.

and in honor of my blooming garden, i made these two pieces:

more of these to come
and they will be in the shop by sunday!

i made six new rings yesterday too!!
here's three of them:

they will also be in the shop by sunday.

time to go play outside...
have a smashing weekend! xo


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


... i have a lot of them.
most of you who know me probably
know about half of them,
one of my biggest ones is taking pictures while i drive.
now don't get me wrong here,
i'm not talking about pulling over safely to the side
of some nice country road and getting out your tripod
at exactly the time the storm rolls in.
no, no.
the kind i do is
in the driver seat, 72 mph, my window halfway down
with any number of cameras propped up on said window,
waiting to come around a corner of the highway
where the trees get low enough
and the sun is just right and
wave at the guy next to me
who clearly almost just hit me,
and then there it is...
the clouds are just right, the sun is cooperating,
and my blue holga lense was a perfect choice...

that's my Little Man, Ollie.
{his full fancy name is Oliver Charles Bukowski, yes, that's right, Bukowski.
He will drink your whiskey, he will chase some tail, and he will most definitely eat the grossest thing in the room}

he's a really good co-pilot.
he's a mini-me of Bread Toast.
he is the best cuddler that there ever was. period.

i live to multitask.
or rather,
in order to live, i multitask.
either way, i get a lot done.
i am an aries, and that helps too.

today was one of those good multitasking days.
we had a good friend in town last night and he ended up
staying until this afternoon...
so instead of being rude and heading off to my studio today,
i got a bunch of computer work done while we hung out and chatted.
but when he did take off, i managed to get all this done:

7 new pendants in my Cut-Outs Series.
they've been cut, pierced, sanded, and punched..
they just need chains and clasps first thing tomorrow
and they can get into the shop tomorrow evening!

i made a necklace too with a huge Yohaw Opal and a sapphire.
the opal alone is 2" tall and
just about the most gorgeous opal i've ever seen.
this one has flash in every possible shade of blue and the
actual nut is a deep maroon, almost purple.
simply, stunning!
i bought two of these beautiful, hard to come by stones
a long time ago, and sometimes old stash
just starts to call to you...

we went to a music festival up in maine last weekend.
the best thing about it was a few good shots i managed to get in:

and then on the way home we spied this awesome van for sale!!
could make a great band van?

this one wasn't for sale, but it sure is beautiful.
someone put a lot of work into restoring it, or keeping it
in amazing condition.

time to make some tea, bring the dogs down to bed,
and get some sleep.
for tomorrow is another day
filled with all the beauty it can muster.
and i will do my best to soak it all in.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


basil on the front porch...

pink and white in the pickup truck i scooped up at the antiques market...

purple calla lilies with tiny white border flowers....

and my yummy succulent garden...

now to the studio... the dogs and i have the house to ourselves!!
new pieces to come...


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